Appliqued Star Potholder

Appliqued Star Potholder


Measures 7 inches square

The appliqued star potholders have the quality and thickness you need. This handmade item has both the flexibility of a potholder and the thickness of a hot mat. A double five-point star lies in the center of the piece. The potholders are made by Mrs. Sauder from Lancaster, PA.


Appliqued Star Potholders

The Appliqued Star potholder serves a double purpose in you kitchen. The potholder has excellent thickness and flexibility to remove hot dishes from the oven. It also can serve as a hot mat to protect your table from heat. You will discover this is a quality handmade potholder!

The potholder displays a beautiful double five-point star in its center. While the stars are sewn on by machine, the potholder does include some hand work in the binding. If you find the potholder too beautiful to use or want it for décor, display it on a hook by hanging it from the loop at the top.

The potholders have a country taste. They are made with homespun fabrics, available in three different fabric choices: navy, burgundy, and green. Because of changing fabrics, the exact fabrics in stock are subject to change. For more selection, please contact us before purchasing.

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We credit Mrs. Sauder for her fine workmanship in making these potholders. Mrs. Sauder has produced hundreds of items for Family Farm Quilts since 2008. She and her husband work together to make quality products, both durable and useful. Mrs. Sauder personalizes her items with a tag specifying the name of the product, “Made in Lancaster, PA,” and her name.

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Additional information

Weight.75 lbs
Dimensions11 × 9 × 1 in
Fabric Color

black, Burgundy