Diamond Jubilee Quilt-Twin

Diamond Jubilee Quilt-Twin


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Measures 86″ x 104″ long.

The Diamond Jubilee quilt is a stunning, modern Bargello quilt pattern. This eye-catching design is sewn to capture the beauty of exquisite diamonds; its beauty will be a gorgeous focal point in any room.  The quilt is hand-quilted by one local Pennsylvania quilter, insuring uniform stitches. The quilt boasts a scalloped border and is initialed and dated. On a twin bed this quilt will allow 23 inches of drop per side.

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Diamond Jubilee Quilt

This Diamond Jubilee quilt is a derivative of the Bargello line of quilts. With the different shades of reds this quilt will create a striking picture of beauty in a bedroom.

A quilt is not merely a comfortable bed covering: it is also a piece of art. The artisans who create our quilts select top-notch vivid fabrics and organize them into an eye-catching work of art. Pick from our selection of over two hundred Amish handmade quilts for a quilt that perfectly complements your home design.

Although the pieces of fabric are sewn together by machine to guarantee tighter sewing, all the quilting is done by hand. 100% cotton materials compose the top and bottom of the quilt. The batting sandwiched in between those 2 layers, however, is 100% polyester. This polyester batting warranties both warmth and excellent washing outcomes.

Just about all of our quilts are generous enough to reduce the need for a dust ruffle or pillow shams. Just as mattress heights differ, each quilt's overall size varies. We post the quilt's measurements as well as the determined drop for you to compare to the dimensions you are looking for. It is important to do your measuring prior to making a purchase!

Washing Quilts?

Yes, our quilts are certainly washable in a washing machine! We recommend adhering to these guidelines for the best care of your heirloom quilt:

  • Wash in a washing machine with only cold water on gentle cycle.
  • Use light laundry soap, such as liquid Cheer for colors (No bleach or bleach alternatives. No Woolite or fabric softener.) For the very first washing, add 1/2 cup vinegar and also 2 tbsps of salt along with the laundry soap. This home remedy protects against hemorrhage and also assists in establishing the colors in your quilt.
  • Remove quilt immediately after the washing machine finishes to lessen creases and color-bleeding.
  • Never put a quilt in the clothes dryer! Line dry on a windy day.
  • Quilts can be dry-cleaned at your own risk, however we most definitely recommend washing.

Did you know?

Family Farm Handcrafts employs nearly 200 Mennonite and Amish ladies to make quilts for our store.

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