Shaving Soap – Homemade Lye Soap

Shaving Soap – Homemade Lye Soap


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Homemade by an Amish lady located in the heart of Lancaster County, these soaps are made in a large variety of scents, and serve various different purposes from hand soap to dog shampoo.

The Shaving Soap is specifically designed for shaving, and is mildly spicy scented with a hint of camphorated mint. Shaving Soap is a high lathering bar made to soften the skin and prevent cuts. It also includes antiseptic to clean and sooth the inevitable nicks.

*Coloring may vary slightly*

In stock

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Shaving Soap- Homemade Lye Soap

This particular lye soap, Shaving Soap, is a high-lathering soap designed to soften the skin and prevent cuts. It also contains so antiseptic qualities to clean and soothe nicks. These small creations are also perfect for gifts! We have a large assortment of scents and also a variety of special soaps for cleaning.

Homemade lye soaps have been a wonderful additive to the home for many years. The soaps that we carry here at Family Farm Handcrafts are carefully made by local Amish women and will be sure to remove tough stains or just simply make whatever you use it on, smell nice. They are made with all-natural ingredients.


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