Star Postage Stamp Quilt-King

Star Postage Stamp Quilt-King


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Measures 114″ x 115″ long.

This beautiful hand stitched quilt is sewn by one Amish women in Lancaster, PA. The design is known as the Star Postage Stamp quilt and will be sure to add a lovely artistic touch to any bedroom. The quilt is generous enough in length so that one can use a simple pillow tuck rather than pillow shams. The generous width gives a drop measurement of 18 inches per side. The quilt is hand-quilted, initialed, and dated!

In stock

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Star Postage Stamp Quilt

This Star Postage Stamp Quilt is beautifully hand stitched by one Amish women in Lancaster, PA. The design is known as the Star Postage Stamp and will be sure to add a lovely artistic touch to any bedroom.

A quilt is not only a relaxing blanket: it is also a piece of artwork. The crafters that create our quilts select top quality vivid materials and organize them in a captivating masterpiece. Select from our selection of over two hundred Amish handmade quilts for a quilt that best complements your style.

Although the fabric pieces are sewn together by machine to make certain tighter sewing, all the quilting is done by hand. 100% cotton fabrics make up the top and bottom of the quilt. The batting sandwiched between those two layers, nevertheless, is 100% polyester. This polyester batting warranties both heat as well as exceptional washing outcomes.

Most of our quilts are sizable enough to overcome the need for a dust ruffle and pillow shams. Just as bed heights vary, each quilt's overall size varies. We specify the quilt's dimensions alongside the estimated drop for you to compare to the proportions you want to have. Please do your measuring prior to making a purchase!

Washing Quilts?

As a matter of fact, our quilts are undoubtedly machine-washable! We advise adhering to these standards for best results:

  • Wash in a washing machine with cold water on gentle cycle.
  • Use only light laundry soap, such as liquid Cheer for colors (No bleach or bleach alternatives. No Woolite or fabric softener.) For the initial washing, include 1/2 cup vinegar and also 2 tbsps of salt in addition to the laundry soap. This home remedy stops hemorrhage and aids with protecting the colors in your quilt.
  • Remove quilt as soon as the washer stops to lessen wrinkles as well as color-bleeding.
  • Never ever put a quilt in the dryer! Line completely dry on a breezy day.
  • Quilts could be dry-cleaned at your own risk, however we absolutely recommend washing.

Amish Handmade Quilt Trivia

Each step of the quilt-making process needs a particular lady's expertise. Each of our women specializes in either assembling or quilting. At least two ladies are included in making each quilt. The ladies who sew the tops with each other specialize in piecing certain quilt patterns. Since each quilter's stitches differ, only one lady does the quilting per quilt. This system enables each lady to become a professional in her work.

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