Quilt, Pillow, or Both? You know the meaning of a quilt; you know the common pillow. So what is a quillow? A quillow is simply both a pillow and a quilt combined into one. In other words, it is a pillow that unfolds into a blanket. The Log Cabin quillow is made with the age-old design that is still a favorite of quilters.

Because it is compact, serves a dual purpose, and is easy to carry, the quillow is perfect for the family room or the car. It is also a great birthday or Christmas gift for family or friends.

Each pillow top is made with a special pattern: an autumn leaf, a dahlia flower, or a log cabin patch. Some of the pillow tops even include some hand quilting! The blanket on the inside consists of two fabrics that match the color scheme of the pillow cover. A thick layer of batting knotted between those two layers makes the blanket cozy and plush. You will discover the pillow case on the unfolded blanket is a perfect pocket for cold feet!