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Wooden Quilt Hanger


20″ to 60″ Quilt Hanger

Each quilt hanger is made from solid oak, sanded, stained, and varnished to create a beautiful, efficient quilt hanger. It is a perfect way to hang your own creative quilted artwork or your family heirloom. Simply slide the quilt into the clamp and mount the hanger to the wall to add a great eyepiece to the room.

The Lloyd Stoltzfus family from Millersburg, Pennsylvania, handcrafted each of these quilt hangers. Available in your choice of widths (by inches from 20″ to 60″) and wood stains: Light, Medium, or Dark.

*Need a larger size? Call or email us to place a special order.


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Why use it…

The wooden quilt hanger is our #1 recommendation for hanging a quilt on the wall. First of all, they are convenient. Their user-friendly setup makes exchanging the quilt and even the quilt hanger very easy. They are also decorative. The three stain options allow you to choose the wood stain that best coordinates with your furniture and home décor. They are professional too. They add a completed look to your quilted wall piece. Finally, the wooden quilt hanger is handmade by an Amish family from Pennsylvania. Timberline Woodcrafts is a small business owned by Lloyd Stoltzfus and his wife. Since they are handmade, each quilt hanger is unique.

How it works…

The wooden quilt hanger works like a clamp. When you turn the set of knobs, the boards of the hanger open wide enough for you to slide the quilt inside. A ridge line running the entire length of the hanger allows space for the binding of the quilt. When you tighten the knobs, you will find your quilt securely locked in its grip.

How to secure…

To attach the small quilt hanger to the wall, first insert two screws into the wall. If you place the screws sixteen inches apart, they will fit perfectly into the holes on the back of the quilt hanger. The designers built the quilt hanger for both quality and sturdiness. They spaced the two screw holes on the back exactly 16 inches apart so that you can drill the screws into the wall’s studs. This guaranties a secure, sturdy quilt hanger. Now, simply mount the wall hanging onto the screws. Enjoy the professional look it adds to your quilt.

What is available…

Family Farm Quilt’s selection of wooden quilt hangers includes twenty different sizes and three different stains. We stock the quilt hangers in two inch increments beginning at 20 inches and continuing to 60 inches. Each quilt hanger consists of stained and varnished oak wood. The names of the stain colors from lightest to darkest are as follows: Golden Oak, Provincial, and Harvest.

Who made it…

Timberline woodcrafts is located in Millersburg, PA. Lloyd Stoltzfus and his wife own and run the business. Because of their fine, hard work, you have someone to thank for making a beautiful small quilt hanger for your quilt.

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