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Quilt Hangers

An Amish handmade wooden oak quilt hanger is our #1 recommendation for hanging a quilt on the wall. First of all, they are convenient. Their user-friendly setup makes exchanging the quilt and even the quilt hanger very easy. They are also decorative. The three stain options allow you to choose the wood stain that best coordinates with your furniture and home décor. They are professional too. They add a completed look to your quilted wall piece. Finally, the wooden quilt hanger is handmade by an Amish family from Pennsylvania. Since they are handmade, each quilt hanger is unique.

This oak quilt hanger works like a clamp. When you turn the set of knobs, the boards of the hanger open wide enough for you to slide the quilt inside. A ridge line running the entire length of the hanger allows space for the binding of the quilt. When you tighten the knobs, you will find your quilt securely locked in its grip.

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  • Oak quilt hanger- 36"

    36 Inch Quilt Hanger

  • Sturdy quilt hanger- 48" wooden oak quilt hanger

    48 Inch Quilt Hanger

  • Amish quilt hangers- 44" Oak quilt hanger

    44 Inch Quilt Hanger

  • wall quilt hanger- 42" oak quilt hanger- handcrafted- for sale at Family Farm Quilts

    42 Inch Quilt Hanger

  • Amish quilt hanger- 32" oak quilt hanger for sale

    32 Inch Quilt Hanger

  • Handcrafted quilt hanger- 46" wooden oak quilt hanger

    46 Inch Quilt Hanger

  • Quilt hangers for sale- 54" oak quilt hanger

    54 Inch Quilt Hanger

  • 50 Inch Quilt Hanger- handcrafted wooden hangers

    50 Inch Quilt Hanger

  • 34 Inch quilt hanger for sale-

    34 Inch Quilt Hanger

  • Quilt Hanger for wall- 52"

    52 Inch Quilt Hanger

  • small quilt hanger- 20" oak quilt hanger- handcrafted

    20 Inch Quilt Hanger

  • Quality Quilt Hanger- 56"

    56 Inch Quilt Hanger

  • hanging a quilt- 26" quilt hanger- oak wall quilt hanger

    26 Inch Quilt Hanger

  • wooden quilt hanger- 22" oak quilt hanger- handcrafted

    22 Inch Quilt Hanger

  • Quilt hangers wooden- 58"

    58 Inch Quilt Hanger

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Welcome to Family Farm Handcrafts! Quilt making is an iconic representation of the Amish way of life, where working with their hands is highly valued. All items in our store are hand-stitched or handmade.

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