The Argyle design, commonly seen on clothing, has now appeared on our quilts! The Argyle pattern is one of the many Bargello variations. The pattern is made by arranging hundreds of pieces to form a triple diamond design. Argyle quilts look good in almost any color scheme, whether bright or neutral.

Each Argyle quilt, like all quilts and throw blankets at Family Farm quilts, is handmade. The fabrics are chosen first, then cut and sewn according to the design. The piece of fabric chosen for the back coordinates with the decorative top’s colors. A layer of polyester batting fits between the top and bottom layers. Yards of hand-quilting secure all three layers together to create a comfortable throw blanket.

An Argyle Quilt is not only a cozy bedspread; it is also an elaborate piece of artwork. It will be sure to add a lovely touch of “Lancaster County” to a bedroom. The artisans who design our quilts choose quality colorful fabrics to arrange into an eye-catching masterpiece. Choose from our selection of over two hundred handmade quilts for a quilt that best complements your style.