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Tumbling Blocks Quilt – queen


Measures 101″ wide x 112″ long.

The Tumbling Blocks quilt is one of the earliest quilt patterns, featuring geometric forms of light and dark that tumble across the quilt. The design is cleverly constructed to appear three-dimensional. This quilt, with its varied colors and fabrics, is reminiscent of colonial times when housewives saved every scrap of fabric that came into their homes and then used those scraps to make quilts.
The Tumbling Blocks quilt design has become popular here in “Amish Country.” This handmade quilt with a scalloped border is all hand-quilted by Mrs. Frances H. Swartzentruber to insure uniform stitches.
The Tumbling Blocks Quilt fits a queen-size bed with a 20-inch drop.

Homemade quilts combine the warmth of a bed cover with a unique story told by the quilters from Lancaster County, PA. Every homemade quilt is as unique as the family, busy mother or Amish ladies group who uses a needle and thimble to thread stitch on the quilt. Some quilts involve hundreds of hours and thousands of stitches to create a unique patchwork quilt that will last for generations.

When you peruse our HOMEMADE QUILTS you are shopping for an item that tells a story and adds meaning to your bedroom! Discover more about our unique patchwork quilts and the stories behind them

We have a lot of quilts! Want to see a gallery of the major patterns? Checkout our Common Amish Quilt Patterns.

Crafting our Tumbling Blocks Quilts

All of our homemade quilts are put together as they have been for decades past–through individual quilters’ patient arrangement and careful stitching. We bring you heirloom pieces, each handmade by seamstresses and quilters in our Amish and Mennonite communities. Your homemade tumbling blocks quilt is a piece like no other–it has been crafted uniquely, not mass-produced.

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A Classic Tumbling Blocks Quilt

closeup of intricate details in tumbling blocks quilt pattern 2

Closeup of the Cascading Pattern

front and back of tumbling block handmade quilt by amish in lancaster pa 2 1

Front and Back of a Tumbling Blocks Quilt

Tracing the History of the Tumbling Blocks Pattern

The optical illusion of the tumbling blocks pattern has been used as far back as ancient Greece and Renaissance Europe in tiling floors or weaving fabric. Quilters at least as far back as the 19th century picked up the template and learned how to incorporate it into lovely bedspreads. It has been popular in America since the 1850s.

Oral history about the tumbling blocks quilts suggest the pattern may have been used on the Underground Railroad, Jacqueline Tobin and Raymond Dobard found. They write that this pattern, also known as the tumbling boxes pattern, may have signaled to slaves when it was time to pack up their boxes and move on. While historians debate the claim, it’s intriguing to think this homespun art may have been part of bringing freedom.

We also know that at least two American presidents, Calvin Coolidge and Dwight Eisenhower, sewed tumbling blocks quilts when they were young boys. While they may not have counted these among their finest deeds, the discipline they developed in stitching this demanding pattern no doubt served them well later!

playful tumbling blocks quilt pattern by amish in lancaster county 2 1

Colorful Tumbling Blocks Quilts

tumbling blocks quilt design close up 1

The Memorizing Effect of a Tumbling Block Quilt Pattern

black and white tumbling blocks quilt for sale 1

Black & White Tumbling Blocks Quilt

Did you know?

Because lots of Amish and Mennonite ladies stay at home to care for their families, their professions have to coincide with their home life. We permit these women to function at their own rate so that they may effectively look after their loved ones.

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