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Amish Made Bargello Quilts

The patterns on our Bargello quilts leap from the bedspreads in bold and brilliant designs– blazing from the Bargello Flame quilts, waving in hypnotic lines on the Surf Song quilts, and sparkling from the Diamond Jubilee quilts. There’s nothing subtle about these vivid patterns. If you love an eye-catching quilt, browse through our selection and claim one for your home!

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Creating our Homemade Bargello Quilts

Each of the Bargello quilts are made by artisans within the Amish and Mennonite community. While they sew the blocks together with sewing machine for added durability, all of the quilting is done by hand. You’ll love the timeless art of these quilts as they grace your home!

Buy Love Pattern in Lancaster, PA

Love Within Pattern in Lancaster, PA

Buy Argyle Bargello in Lancaster, PA

Argyle Pattern Bargello Quilts

Buy Linking heart Bargello Quilts in Lancaster, PA

Linking Heart Pattern Bargello Quilts in Lancaster, PA

Tracing the Threads of the Bargello Quilt Pattern’s History

Quilters love the challenge and beauty of this technique and continue to use it in creating an endless variety of new shapes.

Quilters didn’t create the Bargello motif; it was first found in needlepoint embroidery, on the upholstered chairs from the Bargello palace in Florence, Italy, dating from the 17th century. With this origin, the pattern has variously been called the Bargello stitch and the Florentine stitch. It’s even called the Hungarian point, since there is evidence that Hungarian royalty, including Queen Maria Theresa, also practiced this art.

Traditionally, Bargello Quilt’s embroidery is sewn with wool thread on canvas, using mathematical patterns of stepped vertical stitches. Quilters adapted these patterns, sewing together long strips of material and cutting them crosswise to make lines of blocks, then offsetting the rows to each other. Cutting narrow strips and setting them in steep stair-steps creates the fiery, sharp points on the Bargello Flame quilts; cutting wide strips and placing them in gradual stair-steps produces the flowing waves of the Surf Song quilts.

By now, the Bargello Quilts pattern has morphed into many different variations–the criss-crossing weave of the Mystic Night pattern, the flowing hearts of the Love Within pattern, the interlocking diamonds of the Argyle pattern, and the joined hearts of the Linking Hearts pattern.

Mystic Night Pattern for sale in Lancaster, PA

Mystic Night Pattern in Lancaster, PA

Buy Bargello Quilts Flame in Lancaster, PA

Bargello Quilts Flame in Lancaster, PA

Diamind Jubilee bargello

Diamond Jubilee Bargello Quilt

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Welcome to Family Farm Handcrafts! Quilt making is an iconic representation of the Amish way of life, where working with their hands is highly valued. All items in our store are hand-stitched or handmade.

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