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Log Cabin Quilts

One of the most popular and easily recognized of all quilt styles, the Log Cabin Quilt is a beautiful example of a traditional quilt pattern. Alternating fabric colors compose the top design while a scalloped border surrounds the quilt.

A handmade Amish quilt makes a comfortable bed spread and a family heirloom to be passed from generation to generation. Each quilt is handmade with love by one of our fine quilters. The Log Cabin pattern continues to carry on from generation to generation as a well-loved quilt pattern.

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      A quilt is not merely a relaxing bed covering: it is also a masterpiece of artwork. The artisans that design our quilts choose quality vibrant fabrics and organize them in a creative work of art. Choose from our stock of over 2 hundred handmade quilts for a quilt that best enhances your style.

      Although the fabric pieces are sewn with each other by machine to guarantee tighter stitching, all the quilting is done by hand. 100% cotton materials make up the top and bottom of the quilt. The batting sandwiched in between those two layers, nevertheless, is 100% polyester. This polyester batting warranties both warmth and superb washing results.

      Most of our quilts are sizable enough to relieve the need for a dust ruffle and pillow shams. Just as bed heights vary, each quilt's measurements varies. You'll find we specify the quilt's measurements along with the estimated drop for you to compare to the proportions you want. Definitely do your measuring ahead of buying!

      Washing Quilts?

      Yes, our quilts are certainly machine-washable! We suggest the following guidelines for the best care of your heirloom quilt:

      Did you know?

      Over the centuries, various kinds of techniques have been cultivated to make it much simpler for quilters to stitch multi-angled quilts together. One of these tactics is paper piecing, which is frequently applied to assemble the elaborate corners of the Mariner's Compass quilt. Paper piecing, as it title designates, uses a particular paper pattern on which the material pieces are stitched. The pattern directs the quilter to successfully assemble the pieces together so that the finalized top will lay out flat. Methodologies such as this are an excellent support to our quilters!
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      Welcome to Family Farm Handcrafts! Quilt making is an iconic representation of the Amish way of life, where working with their hands is highly valued. All items in our store are hand-stitched or handmade.

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