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Mariner’s Compass Quilts

The Mariner’s Compass Quilt is a popular and quite striking design; closely resembling a mariner’s compass. The Mariner’s Compass quilt originates from one of the earliest quilt designs in America. The patchwork quilt pattern is composed of the thirty-two precise points of the compass, with the stars radiating from the center.

The Mariner’s Compass Quilt is a lovely traditional pattern that is sure to brighten any room! The quilts are hand quilted by one local Amish woman to ensure uniform stitches. Our goal is to preserve the traditional quilted look and to sell quality quilts that will be sure to add a warm cozy spirit to any room. They also make a perfect gift for a special friend!

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      Mariner’s Compass Quilts for Sale: Handmade by the Amish of Lancaster County

      We employ local craftspeople to design, piece, and quilt these works of art. Each quilt is entirely handmade, from cutting the quilt blocks to binding the edges of the quilt. We bring together artisans for different steps of the process–one sews the quilt top; others stitch it together; and still another finishes the edges. Every part of the process recalls the way quilts have been made for centuries.

      mariner's compass quilt made by the amish of lancaster county

      One of our Mariner's Compass Quilts

      heart and center of mariner's compass quilt

      The Striking Compass Design

      beautiful front and back of mariner's compass quilt

      Front and Back of a Mariner's Compass Quilt

      Connecting the Past and Present: The Mariner’s Compass Quilts Legacy

      While most early quilts were simple, the Mariner’s Compass quilt was complex, and often was reserved for special occasions.

      The Mariner’s Compass quilt pattern has been known and loved among dedicated quilters, only the best of whom could manage the intricacies of stitching the precise points of the compass or star, as it was variously known. While most early quilts were simple, the Mariner’s Compass quilt was complex, and often was reserved for special occasions.

      While other patterns may suggest a star pattern, the Mariner’s Compass name specifically refers to quilts in which the star radiates from a circular center. The roots of this pattern are hard to trace. Barbara Brackman writes of the many names used for this pattern, including The Explosion, the Merry Go Round, the Rolling Pinwheel, the Slashed Star–even Chips and Whetstones. Each name suggests what quilters saw as they stitched their quilt tops!

      Quilt pattern books began to use the Mariner’s Compass name, widely accepted today, around the 1960s; its first published use was in 1929. Various historians, knowing the pattern’s popularity in the American northeast, have suggested that seafaring folk saw the compass rose on nautical maps and reproduced it on their blankets. The Pennsylvania Germans picked it up, adding brighter colors and patterns.

      Mariner's Compass in a Wall Hanging

      classic red mariner's compass quilt

      Red is a Classic Fit for Mariner's Compass

      The Intricate Mariner's Compass

      Did you know?

      The term handmade is commonly made use of to describe crafts produced by an artisan rather than a factory. Each handmade quilt is special because it is not mass-produced. Not all the sewing in a handcrafted quilt is done by hand. Just as the woodcrafter uses mechanical devices to produce his craftsmanship, our seamstresses use numerous tools to craft these quilts. The seamstress cuts her items with a rotating blade knife and stitch them together on the sewing machine. The quilter deals with only needle, thread, and thimble to quilt hundreds of tiny stitches throughout the quilt. Handmade is a gift: it is the gift of time as well as talent to produce a product uniquely for you.

      hand stitched quilts handmade crafts

      Welcome to Family Farm Handcrafts! Quilt making is an iconic representation of the Amish way of life, where working with their hands is highly valued. All items in our store are hand-stitched or handmade.

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