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scrap quilts for sale from amish quilters in pa

Amish Patchwork Scrap Quilts

Scrap quilts hold a beloved place in dedicated quilters’ hearts, repeating a few shapes in hundreds (sometimes thousands) of different fabrics. Their informal, homespun beauty recalls a time when quilters dug into their scrap bags and asked their friends for castoff materials as they pieced their odds and ends into a work of art. Also known as postage stamp quilts or charm quilts, we love to offer these traditional quilts to you, from our local quilters to your home!

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      Community Creating Beauty: How We Piece Scrap Quilts

      We source our homemade patchwork quilts from local Amish and Mennonite artisans, who craft them by hand with the care and art of the American quilting tradition. Frequently, families work together to piece and quilt these bedspreads. With their help, we offer you patchwork quilts, each unique and handmade.

      scrap quilts for sale from amish quilters in pa

      The Postage Stamp is a popular Scrap Quilt Pattern

      country hearts scrap quilt pattern

      Square and Applique Scraps compliment in this Country Hearts Quilt

      scrap quilts in many colors from family farm fabrics

      A few Scrap Quilt variations.

      Frugality Creating Beauty: How Scrap Quilts Developed

      Scrap quilts are called a variety of different names, each a thread connected to quilters years ago who first used this pattern.

      Called a “charm” quilt in the late 19th century, young women collected hundreds of different fabrics from their family and friends. Perhaps if they collected 999 different squares, their true love would bring them the thousandth–and their happily-ever-after dream, too. One quilting blogger speculates that collecting these fabrics may have given girls opportunities to ask their love interest for a contribution!

      The scrap quilt has also been called a “beggar” quilt, referring to quilters asking each other for contributions to their projects. Trying to put together a bedspread without repeating every fabric, they also called the quilts “odd feller” quilts–every piece was an odd feller. Some families recall their mother repeating one square, however, so that a child sick in bed might be entertained looking for the matching patches.

      Still another name scrap quilts went by is the “postage stamp” quilt, so called because quilters would use their tiniest scraps, sometimes no bigger than a postage stamp. Perhaps the original motivation was not wasting the smallest piece (historians recall the scarcity of the Great Depression in this), but it also became a challenge at some point. Quilters would collect thousands of pieces to compete with each other in making stitched masterpieces.

      amish handmade scrap quilt for a twin sized bed

      Twin Sized Postage Stamp Quilt

      ancient star scrap quilt for sale in pa

      Ancient Star is another Scrap Quilt Pattern

      beautiful scrap quilt red orange and blue

      A color coordinated Scrap Quilt is an exquisite work of art!

      Did you know?

      It is essential that the quilt you purchase is an ideal match for your bed. Each quilt's measurements are unique. Verify your size by simply measuring the side of your bed from the top of the mattress to the length you wish for. Do your measuring before you purchase!
      hand stitched quilts handmade crafts

      Welcome to Family Farm Handcrafts! Quilt making is an iconic representation of the Amish way of life, where working with their hands is highly valued. All items in our store are hand-stitched or handmade.

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