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Eight Point Star Quilt-Queen-Family Farm Handcrafts

Star Quilts

Star Quilts are among the oldest and most familiar of all the traditional quilt pattern. These intricate star patterns have traditionally allowed a woman to showcase her needlework skills.

Each quilt is all hand-quilted by one lady to ensure uniform stitches. Precision is essential in piecing stars for a neat finished product!

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A quilt is not just a comfy bed covering: it is also a piece of artwork. The crafters that make our quilts select top-notch colorful fabrics and organize them in a creative work of art. Choose from our selection of over two hundred Amish handmade quilts for a quilt that perfectly enhances your taste.

Though the fabric pieces are stitched by machine to guarantee tighter stitching, all the quilting is done by hand. 100% cotton materials compose the top and bottom of the quilt. The batting sandwiched between those 2 layers, however, is 100% polyester. This polyester batting guaranties both warmth as well as outstanding washing outcomes.

You will find our quilts to be really large in length and width. Almost all of our quilts are generous enough to do away with the necessity for a dust ruffle or pillow shams. Just as bed heights vary, every quilt's dimensions is different. We list the quilt's measurements with the estimated drop for you to compare to the measurements you may need. Definitely do your homework prior to purchasing!

Washing Quilts?

Yes, these quilts are certainly washable in a washing machine! We suggest adhering to these guidelines for the best care of your heirloom quilt:

Did you know?

For hundreds of years, various methodologies have been cultivated to make it easier for quilt-makers to sew multi-angled quilts together. One of these techniques is named paper piecing, which is usually used to combine the intricate edges of the Mariner's Compass quilts. Paper piecing, as it title signifies, uses a special paper pattern on top of which the material fragments are sewn. The pattern leads the needleworker to properly assemble the pieces together so that the finalized top will lie out flat. Procedures of this sort as this are a fabulous support to our quilt-makers!
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Welcome to Family Farm Handcrafts! Quilt making is an iconic representation of the Amish way of life, where working with their hands is highly valued. All items in our store are hand-stitched or handmade.

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