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Amish Handmade Crafts and Home Decor

Mass-production has filled our world with cheap and chintzy products. While the industry races to produce the most possible in the least amount of time, the hard-working Amish culture in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States is content to create unique and creative home goods and decor, one handmade item at a time.

These handmade crafts are more than just another product. They represent the commitment of countless homes and communities to better their world through the work of their hands. Experience the richness of the Amish culture through these unique handmade items!


Our Amish handmade quilts and crafts are all handmade. This does not mean we do a little by hand and the rest with machines. Rather we hire local people who are skilled with their hands who do the work with a personal touch and the care and uniqueness of hand-crafting. When you purchase one of our crafts or quilts, you get the real deal: handmade quilts and crafts. Our quilts and crafts are also a genuine piece of Amish culture and heritage. With them, you get a taste of Amish tradition.


Our suppliers are Conservative Mennonite, Amish, and other local artisans. Each one is either familiar with or grew up in the Amish way of life. Our handmade quilts and crafts are genuinely Amish.


All our handmade quilts and crafts are made by local individuals. No middlemen. No big corporations. No price-increasing business. Only individuals from the local community supplying our local store.

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Welcome to Family Farm Handcrafts! Quilt making is an iconic representation of the Amish way of life, where working with their hands is highly valued. All items in our store are hand-stitched or handmade.

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