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Star Wedding Ring – King


Measures 116″ x 116″

The Star Wedding Ring quilt is a new twist to the traditional Wedding Ring quilt pattern. Stars burst from the intertwined rings. This handmade quilt is very neatly hand-quilted by one Pennsylvania Amish lady to insure uniform stitching. It is initialed and dated by its designer. On a king size bed, this quilt will allow 19 inches of drop per side.

Homemade quilts combine the warmth of a bed cover with a unique story told by the quilters from Lancaster County, PA. Every homemade quilt is as unique as the family, busy mother or Amish ladies group who uses a needle and thimble to thread stitch on the quilt. Some quilts involve hundreds of hours and thousands of stitches to create a unique patchwork quilt that will last for generations.

When you peruse our HOMEMADE QUILTS you are shopping for an item that tells a story and adds meaning to your bedroom! Discover more about our unique patchwork quilts and the stories behind them

We have a lot of quilts! Want to see a gallery of the major patterns? Checkout our Common Amish Quilt Patterns.

A quilt is not merely a cozy bed cover: it is also a masterpiece of art. The crafters who design our quilts select top-notch vivid fabrics and organize them in a captivating work of art. Select from our selection of over 2 hundred Amish handmade quilts for a quilt that best enhances your taste.

Although the fabric pieces are stitched with each other by machine to guarantee tighter stitching, all the quilting is done by hand. 100% cotton materials compose the top and bottom of the quilt. The batting sandwiched in between those 2 layers, nonetheless, is 100% polyester. This polyester batting warranties both heat and superb washing outcomes.

The majority of our quilts are large enough to relieve the need for a dust ruffle and pillow shams. Just as bed heights differ, each quilt's overall size varies. You'll find we list the quilt's dimensions in addition to the estimated drop for you to compare to the dimensions you are looking for. Definitely do your research ahead of making a purchase!

Washing Quilts?

Yes, our quilts are certainly machine-washable! We advise adhering to these standards for the best care of your heirloom quilt:

Amish Homemade Quilt Facts

Our artists maintain a quite noteworthy job. They possess the vital task of looking for complimentary fabric materials from a massive variety of patterns developed by a variety of texture artists and companies. Each texture chosen is pivotal to the completed character of the quilt. The designer behind this quilt did a lovely job of finding beautiful fabrics that match each other and coordinate effectively. That is why we consider a quilt a piece of art!

A quilt is not just a relaxing bed cover: it is also a masterpiece of art. The artisans who create our quilts choose top-notch vibrant fabrics and arrange them into an eye-catching masterpiece. Pick from our stock of over 2 hundred homemade quilts for a quilt that perfectly enhances your home design.

While the pieces of fabric are sewn together by machine to ensure tighter stitching, all the quilting is done by hand. 100% cotton fabrics make up the top and bottom of the quilt. The batting sandwiched between those 2 layers, however, is 100% polyester. This polyester batting guaranties both warmth and superb washing outcomes.

You will find our quilts to be rather large in length and width. In fact, almost all of our quilts are large enough to eliminate the necessity for a dust ruffle and pillow shams. Just as bed heights vary, each and every quilt's dimensions is different. We designate the quilt's measurements along with the estimated drop for you to compare to the size you want to have. Kindly do your research prior to making a purchase!

Washing Quilts?

Fortunately, our quilts are indeed washable in a washing machine! We advise complying with these guidelines for best results:

Did you know?

Over the centuries, various sorts of procedures have been produced to make it much simpler for quilters to stitch multi-angled quilts together. One of these strategies is named paper piecing, which is popularly used to piece the complex edges of the Mariner's Compass quilts. Paper piecing, as it name specifies, uses a distinct paper pattern on top of which the material pieces are sewn. The pattern guides the quilter to perfectly stitch the pieces together so that the completed top will lie out flat. Tactics of this sort as this are an excellent support to our quilt-makers!

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